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I have years of experience in achieving favorable outcomes for my family law clients through negotiations, and have training both as a family law mediator and as a collaborative family law practitioner.  However, if for whatever reason, your family law matter cannot be resolved successfully through one of these amicable resolution processes, then I have years of courtroom experience to see you through a contested trial.  In addition, due to my extensive contacts in the local legal and business communities, I am able to direct clients to the appropriate individuals and resources to deal with the multitude of issues that often arise in the course of my representation of them in the family law arena, including, but not limited to: business evaluators; mental health professionals; pension experts; real estate and personal property valuation experts; immigration experts; real estate professionals; financial management professionals; and wills, trusts and estates professionals.


A divorce is certainly one of the most traumatic events that an individual can experience in his or her life. It has profound and long-lasting effects on the individuals involved as well as the people they are closest to, especially when minor children are involved. Even when the ending of a marriage is not involved, many of the other issues, such as paternity, child custody, visitation and child support, are traumatic events in which the most important issues in a person’s life are involved — namely their children.

In helping clients to successfully resolve their family law issues, my approach is to:

  • Listen closely to learn what the client’s individual circumstances are;
  • Provide them with an overview of what the laws are that effect their particular situation;
  • Provide them with the various methods in which their matter can be settled — such as through direct negotiations with their spouse/former partner or their attorneys, through mediation with a neutral third-party mediator, through the collaborative family law process, or through litigation — and advise them which method or methods are appropriate and/or inappropriate for their specific circumstances;
  • Provide them with an understanding of how the applicable court system operates and will work to resolve their case if an amicable resolution cannot be reached;
  • Seek to focus them on what their short-term and long-term goals and desires are; and provide them with the various options that are available to them to achieve their short-term and long-term goals; and
  • Formulate a vision and strategy to help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Typically, most clients desire to settle their outstanding issues with their spouse or former partner in an amicable, negotiated resolution. That is certainly the approach I prefer for most clients, and the approach that I advocate most clients pursue.  A negotiated settlement can occur in a number of ways, including:

  • Through direct negotiations between your spouse/former partner’s attorney and me; through my negotiating directly with your spouse/former partner if he or she does not have an attorney; or through direct negotiations between your spouse/former partner and you, with me providing you with advice, counsel and other assistance as needed;
  • Through the mediation process between your spouse/former partner and you with a skilled, neutral third-party mediator, while I provide you with advice, counsel and other assistance as needed; or
  • Though the collaborative family law process, whereby your spouse/former partner and his/her attorney work together collaboratively with you and me (and such other professionals, such as mental health experts and financial experts, as are needed) to reach an amicable resolution.

A negotiated settlement allows the parties involved to resolve their own personal situation in a way that best suits their needs and the needs of their loved ones. And who knows what those needs are better than the parties involved?

However, there are times when it is essential for a client to seek resolution of his or her family law issues through the court system. Why? There are a myriad of reasons why, including issues such as: domestic violence; a spouse who leaves the client and/or the family without adequate financial resources to survive on a day-to-day basis, let alone on a long-term basis; a spouse who initiates litigation without any attempt to first reach an amicable resolution; or a spouse who is unreasonable in his or her settlement demands.  Under such circumstances, I have years of courtroom experience to draw upon to advocate aggressively on behalf of my clients and their interests. Frequently after litigation is initiated, a settlement is reached between the parties once the spouse or former partner recognizes that my client is willing and able to stand up for himself or herself, and has capable and aggressive counsel to help him or her do so.

Thus, based on my years of experience in the family law arena, I am able and prepared to recommend and take whatever actions are necessary to best protect and promote my client’s interests.

Individualized attention

As a solo practitioner, one of the significant benefits you will receive from working with me is my individualized attention to your case. You will not have the frustrating experience of meeting with me at our initial meeting, hiring me to represent you, and then finding out later that month or the next month that your matter has been handed off to a junior attorney whom you neither have met before nor have any rapport with. I am involved on a day-to-day basis with every aspect of my client’s case. I return phone calls from clients as soon as possible; I take phone calls from clients after-hours and during the weekend (when necessary); I check my office e-mail several times during the weekends; and I maintain contact with clients, as needed, even when on vacation, through my cell phone. However, I do not let the fact that I am a solo practitioner become a hindrance or detriment to a client and his or her case. I have several competent and loyal attorneys who are willing to cover for me in all three jurisdictions in which I practice if an irresolvable scheduling conflict were to arise.  Additionally, I rely on a variety of professionals to provide expert assistance in related fields as needed, such as financial management and investments; wills, trusts and estates; pensions; immigration; real estate; and business valuations. Depending on the size of the case, and especially when litigation is involved, I also have available my long-term paralegal and law clerk who assist me on an as-needed basis. One of my top goals in structuring my law practice in this way has been to provide the very highest quality legal services to family law clients at a reasonable price.

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